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    For up to 20 years, we have been providing quality staircases in Liverpool.  If your staircase is in need of a bit of renovation or you’re simply ready for a change, we at the Liverpool Joinery Company can help.Staircase in Liverpool

    Browse through our portfolio and available stock by clicking on our ‘Staircase Makeover’ section below. If you are looking for a unique bespoke design that is built specially to fit the features of your home and to your specific requirements, then click on the ‘Bespoke Staircases’ section to see what we could offer.

    If you would like to book an appointment for either staircase renovation or bespoke staircases, then give us a call and we can set up an appointment for you.

    Why choose LJ Staircases?

    LJ Staircases has been supplying fantastic staircases to a variety of customer specifications for 20 years. Thanks to our renowned expertise, dedicated craft and unbeatable service, we’ve become Liverpool’s go-to provider of staircases all shapes and sizes.

    Whether you’re looking for a simple, all-purpose staircase to fit a functional purpose, or want to make your staircase a focal point of your home or professional environment…we can help.

    Staircase advice you can trust

    Our staircase glossary can tell you everything you need to know about renovations and additions we can provide for your staircase, such as balustrades; stair capping; handrails (plus wreaths and scrolls); landings and mezzanines and open stairs. We can assist you with making basic improvements to the parts of your staircase that may be looking neglected, or help you transform it into a beautiful masterpiece.

    Take a look at some of our blog posts to hear our advice on rebuilding/renovating staircases, such as what you’ll need; the potential costs and the array of creative ideas available to you.

    What are the features of bespoke staircases?

    Staircases serve the obvious practical purpose of assisting people to walk between the different floors of their house. However, staircases also have an aesthetic impact on your home. As they are sizable and commonly used staircases are one of the first features someone will notice about a home. Therefore, having a beautiful bespoke staircase is imperative for transforming or complementing the look of your house.

    Whether you are going for a traditional wooden style or a contemporary modern style, feature staircases will complete the look to perfection. At Liverpool Joinery Company we offer staircases that are completely unique to you – built specifically for the size, shape and style of your home so that your house has never looked better.


    Why choose a bespoke staircase?

    Our bespoke staircases are made to measure and tailored to fit your home, space allowances and requirements. We will work with you to create your ideal staircase from the ground up, thinking about materials, designs, styles and landings along the way.

    Some reasons why people prefer a bespoke staircase include: working within a given space restriction or small property; wanting to create a small landing partway up the stairs, or creating a mezzanine; wanting to change the direction or layout of their stairs, usually as part of a hallway renovation; and wanting to get the best of several features of various styles of stairs.

    For more information on our fantastic staircases, don’t hesitate to give us a call for more information.

    If you have had a staircase by us, please give us a quick rating out of 5.

    Click one of the staircase sections below to view further details… (All products carry our 10 year guarantee.)

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    Oak Staircase Pros Cons Oak Staircases: Pros and Cons

    Oak is one of the most commonly-seen hardwoods used in buildings – particularly in stairways, cabinets and other features that add to the aesthetic of the house. A distinctive, warm wood which lends itself well to sturdy, durable and attractive construction, oak is also very readily available across the UK and Europe, making it a…

    stair-makeover02 Liverpool’s Number 1 Wood Stair Designers

    A staircase holds a unique position in a home. It is the most functional element in the house, and also the key to movement and flow. Not to mention, it’s the first thing people see on entering your home. For these reasons, it’s only common sense to want your stairs to look and feel perfect.…

    Bespoke-Staircases Beautifully Bespoke Staircases

    Our bespoke staircases service allows prospective clients to realise their dreams and aspirations with a completely new stair design. With 20 years of experience, we have been built a reputation as one of the most efficient and trustworthy staircase manufacturers in Liverpool. Our team is made up of people with a flair for design and…

    Staircase-Makeover Give Your Home a New Lease of Life with our Staircase Refurbishment Service

    If you are looking for staircase refurbishment, our prices start from £2,000. For most staircases we can overhaul the existing stair without any structural works or the need for builders. Typically this would take only between 2 to 3 days to install. The makeover includes: replacing the balustrade dressing all exposed timbers with wood veneers…

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