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  • Staircase Style Guide

    Curved Stairs

    The art of building curved stairs cannot be learned overnight. We carefully select and train a specialised team of people who we recognise as having the patience and skills required to visualise, design and craft a geometric stair to the customers’ particular requirements.

    We believe a curved staircase must be beautiful and functional, materials and finish must be of the highest quality. The curved staircase design challenges the designer and stair builder on different levels and takes commitment from both parties. Contemporary or modern stair design lets the mind run free, or at least it should, dependent on the ideas and inspiration from all involved. These designs can be gloriously simple using clean lines and unusual materials. They can be curved or just about anything you want.

    Classic Stairs

    Creating staircases of classical style and character, in the true traditions of a particular architectural era is something that you should only trust to the experts.

    Whether you are renovating, extending or building from scratch in any of the classical styles such as Victorian, Georgian, Edwardian, Federation, Art Deco or Arts and Crafts, you deserve to have attention paid to the integral design of the stair as well as the finer details.

    We will design and build your stair and balustrading in a way that is completely faithful to the architectural era of your home.

    Contemporary Stairs

    Contemporary or modern staircases unlike classic designs, feature clean sharp lines and utilise a variety of materials and finishes.

    Great contemporary design break away from traditions and seeks originality , to create the unique staircase.

    By combining our experience with our precision in-house manufacturing and a broad range of materials we can make your wildest dreams of a stunning contemporary staircase come to life.

    Cantilevered Stairs

    A custom built contemporary staircase is only limited by the designer’s imagination, and can make use of a wide variety of materials to produce what are often strikingly original forms.

    Floating Stairs as some designers call them are a prefect example of this design philosophy. This staircase and staircases like these are treated as a work of art. To achieve a result such as this requires workman ship of the highest standards. The open riser construction with the floating 60mm laminated Victorian Ash treads is visually outstanding. The simply glass work and uprights add to the modern piece of art in this corner of the home.


    In this case the treads have been cantilevered half the width of the flight. This allows for the enclosed area under the stair to be used as valuable storage space.

    Glass Balustrade

    Glass, stainless steel and of course timber is combined in a staircase to bring together and compliment other materials or features of the home.

    Contemporary 50mm stainless steel staunchions with glass clamps holding the glass panels in place are used on the stair and first floor areas. The glass panels are available in either clear or frosted finish.

    Stainless Steel Balusters

    Glass, stainless steel and of course timber is combined in a staircase to bring together and compliment other materials or features of the home.

    All products carry our 10 year guarantee.


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