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  • Oak Staircases: Pros and Cons

    Oak Staircase Pros Cons

    Oak is one of the most commonly-seen hardwoods used in buildings – particularly in stairways, cabinets and other features that add to the aesthetic of the house.

    A distinctive, warm wood which lends itself well to sturdy, durable and attractive construction, oak is also very readily available across the UK and Europe, making it a good choice for several reasons. However, making your staircase out of oak is not without its drawbacks, so we’ll discuss the pros and cons here, to help you make your decision as best you can!

    The Pros of an Oak Staircase

    • Oak is readily available across the UK, making it an excellent material as far as convenience, cost and build times are concerned. Buying some is as simple as going to a hardware store, and our contractors always have access to a rich supply, making the projects easier and faster!
    • As a hardwood, oak will stand the test of time, adding value to your home for years to come.
    • It is extremely versatile – no matter what you have in mind, our master craftsmen can make it from oak, and make it to last.
    • It is easy to alter if you want to redecorate or renovate, with the capacity to sand it and re-clad it, lay carpet, finish it with various woodstains and seals, or leave it bare for a more rustic feel!
    • Oak adds and undeniable touch of class to a home, looking great with any decorative scheme.
    • It is easy to work with in DIY, making it easy to maintain at low cost.
    • It is extremely durable.

    The Cons of an Oak Staircase

    • More expensive than softer woods – but more suited to use in a stairway.
    • Less durable than metal – though warmer, not as noisy and impervious to rust.
    • Also able to be worked into fewer shapes than metal – however, this is only a problem if you want a very unusual, artistic staircase.

    We may have a bias towards it, but it isn’t for no reason. Oak really is an ideal material for a stairway that will look great, cost little, and last for years to come!

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