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    Oak Staircases: Pros and Cons

    Oak Staircase Pros Cons Oak Staircases: Pros and Cons

    Oak is one of the most commonly-seen hardwoods used in buildings – particularly in stairways, cabinets and other features that add to the aesthetic of the house. A distinctive, warm wood which lends itself well to sturdy, durable and attractive construction, oak is also very readily available across the UK and Europe, making it a…

    Storage Solutions For Your Bedroom

    bed03 Storage Solutions For Your Bedroom

    When considering a bedroom makeover, aside from style and colour, the main issue you need to think about is storage. After all, there is no use having a luxurious bedroom if there’s nowhere to put your belongings, aside from the bed or the floor. But what do you require as far as storage goes? It’s…

    What To Consider When Designing a Bespoke Staircase

    Liverpool Joinery Company Staircase Design What To Consider When Designing a Bespoke Staircase

    Redesigning the staircase within your home may seem like a mammoth task, but it is not without its foray of benefits. The staircase is usually the most overlooked area of any home, and yet it is so much more than a mere function – it has the ability to become to central focal point of…

    Staircase Design Guide

    design-guide Staircase Design Guide

    Headroom The minimum headroom is 2000mm. Headroom is a constant problem in staircase design. More often than not headroom problems on a staircase are the result of a lack of understanding of staircase design in general.   There are many mistakes made when calculating headroom and we can’t list them all but careful planning can…

    Staircase Style Guide

    Modern Staircase Style Guide

    Curved Stairs The art of building curved stairs cannot be learned overnight. We carefully select and train a specialised team of people who we recognise as having the patience and skills required to visualise, design and craft a geometric stair to the customers’ particular requirements. We believe a curved staircase must be beautiful and functional,…

    Staircase Glossary

    staircase-glossary Staircase Glossary

    Take advantage of our bespoke new and makeover services to transform your existing staircase: Balusters The smaller posts fitted between the stair and the handrail, usually decorative, and in timber or steel. Bullnose Step The step at the base of a stair which usually has a protruding semi-circular end Capping The piece of timber that…

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