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    TEL: 0844 693 3335
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    Our bespoke staircases service allows prospective clients to realise their dreams and aspirations with a completely new stair design.

    With 20 years of experience, we have been built a reputation as one of the most efficient and trustworthy staircase manufacturers in Liverpool. Our team is made up of people with a flair for design and who have perfected their crafts over many years. Every staircase is made specifically to the needs of our customers. This ensures that they are not only functional but are tailored exactly to your home’s unique. We have manufactured staircases in a variety of bespoke styles from oak and glass to metal. We also specialise in everything from curved and classic stairs to cantilevered and stainless steel stairs.

    Get the Staircase of Your Dreams!

    Whether you want a staircase for a brand new home or are simply looking to renovate an existing one, we are the bespoke staircase manufacturers for you. Old staircases can be refurbished to look as good as new – after all, they are used so many times a day that they are inevitably worn down over time. New ones can be installed into a brand new home, furthermore, in any design you might imagine.

    We work with clients and their architects to best configure layouts, figure out the top design option and best use the materials to make your staircase look amazing. We also ensure to deliver a product that best suits the application on time and to a fixed price. Our bespoke staircases completely free up the design possibilities. Even in an existing build, they can be repositioned from the old stair allowing redesign of room and floor layouts.

    From a design point of view anything is possible! Get in touch today to discuss what you envisage for your perfect staircase and how we might be able to help with no cost.

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    Prices for new bespoke staircases including installation start from £5,000.00.

    Guaranteed Perfection

    What really sets out staircase designs apart from many of our competitors is the attention to detail we put into every project. We care about every one of our customers and each staircase is made with care and attention. Therefore, if something is not 100% right, we will continue to work until we are happy that it is perfect!

    All products carry our 10 year guarantee. This ensures that you will get the very best design or you get your money back. Click to see our bespoke staircase gallery.

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