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    TEL: 0844 693 3335
    TEL: 0844 693 3335
  • Bespoke Staircase Manufacturers & Renovations

    A Bespoke Staircase from the specialist staircase manufacturer in Liverpool

    Choose to have a Bespoke Staircase to give your home a standout feature to impress all your guests.

    Bespoke staircases look completely unique as they are hand crafted to exactly the design, size, shape and style you would like.

    Have a browse through some of our bespoke staircases to get an idea of the high quality work that we can provide. We have done everything from minimalist glass designs and classic metal staircases to traditional wood staircases. If you would like to arrange a visit for someone to visit your home or to visit our showroom, please call us directly to make an appointment.

    If you already have a staircase that you are reasonably happy with, we also offer a staircase refurbishments and makeover service. This can update a tired old stair to one that looks new and modern.

    What other work does LJ Staircases do for the home?

    At LJ Staircases we not only care about you getting up or downstairs; we care about how the rooms appear when you get there too. Aside from staircase manufacturing in Liverpool we also provide bespoke bedrooms, studies, home offices and other rooms too. We will be able to give your home a totally unique look in every single room.

    Pride in Design & Quality

    We have a pride in every design that we do for every single one of our clients. We get a basic idea from you, the client, on what type of design you would like and then from that brief we design your staircase and give you the best staircase for your property and budget.